HbbTV DNS Registrations

DNS Lookup for locating HbbTV IP applications

hbbtvdns.org hosts DNS records for broadcasters providing HbbTV Applications who want to enable application discovery in situations where the over-the-air AIT is not available to receivers.

Registrations are only accepted from verified TV broadcasters, and will link their broadcast services to their Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN). Full technical details are provided in TS 103 464 Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV, Application Discovery over Broadband

Registration process

This is the process to register TV services in hbbtvdns.org:

Registration Costs

Costs of registration are set by the HbbTV Association

Standard Annual Service Provision

Each organisation (user) will be provided with the following services each year

Annual cost: GBP2,500 (reduced to GBP1,000 for members of RadioDNS), payable annually in advance

Additional Costs

The following costs are in addition to the standard annual service provision:

Additional costs are billed annually in arrears or when they reach GBP5,000

About hbbtvdns.org

hbbtvdns.org is an initiative of the HbbTV Association, and is operated by RadioDNS on their behalf.